the web of love

The Web of Love was our first independently produced puppet musical. Written and produced by D.H. Ludlow, the Web of Love tells the story of two yuppie flies, Fillip and Fillipa, who go on an adventure vacation to a nearby outhouse. There they meet a rebellious/suicidal vegan spider, who warns them to turn back. Ignoring this, they continue on their way and are captured by colonial British spiders intent on torturing and eating the flies- after a trial, of course.  The flies are rescued at the last moment by the vegan spider, and return home for a big wedding number. #lovethroughpain

It was a one-night only extravaganza, a multi-media toe in the water of information overload, and a great rehearsal for 'The Love That Would Not Die'.

The show took place on the Due Return, a massive sci-fi pirate ship installation by the art collective Meow Wolf prior to their big ol' splashy House of Eternal Return.   Devon was on keys, Brandee Caoba directed the live video projections, Oliver Ponzin and Elizabeth on puppets, Andy Kirkpatrick and Amber Johnson on vocals.  Images below!