The Love That Would Not Die is our cinematic debut.

It was shot almost entirely on an iphone, and edited primarily in iMovie, thus proving that sometimes technology can accidentally enable creativity. For lighting we used clip lights fitted with CFL and LED bulbs. This was a result of the need to use minimal power, as we shot at an off-grid location (Devon and Brandee's studio) with two tiny solar panels and a few golf cart batteries.

The unique look and feel of the project is achieved through a low-tech, analogue approach to production. We worked hard to use exclusively 'in camera' special effects in lieu of CGI or other digital effects.

The sets and puppets are a product of blood sweat and tears. Many mistakes and failed launches precede what you see on screen. The cast of Balinese-style hand and rod puppets are streamlined in design, lovingly crafted, attentively detailed and costumed. They are built from wood, aluminum foil (the heads) and layers of sculpey and paint. Costumes were created by the amazing Eva Ghazi, usingfound materials (i.e. scraps) from her fabric studio.

The sets are built from cardboard, discarded commercial materials, paint and styrocore.

In spring 2016 the first episode of 'The Love That Would Not Die' premiered at George R.R. Martin's Jean Cocteau Cinema to packed houses and has been held over multiple times. We have since had multiple sold out screenings at Albuquerque's Tannex space, and Portland's The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven