Jollyship the Whizbang
A pirate/puppet/rock downtown outfit from roughly 2002-2008 in NYC.  Devon Ludlow did backup vocals, puppets, dancing, etc.  The show was built on the essentials of art: duct tape, cardboard, glue guns, loud amps, and hair gel.

From 'Crabquistador, Scavenger of God'.  Don Felizamonte (Devon) sells his pyramid scheme for the New World.

From Crabquistador, Scavenger of God', plus footage from the Deprogramming Hour and a show updstate.  Come for the intolerance, stay for the pagan rituals.

From 'Sleepless Fishes', filmed for 'Checkerboard Kids' on the Deprogramming Hour.  Classic stuff.  Devon on puppets.

The official video.  I recommend everyone do a nautical video with an open casting call in Coney Island.  Devon Ludlow as the metal detector guy.

From 'Crabquistador, Scavenger of God', footage from the Depgrogramming Hour. Honestly, pretty weird, even by our standards. Devon Ludlow as the Crab.

From a never finished show, Devon on puppets, the great Katie McClennahan on vocals, Keith voices Stab.