News and Updates!


'The Love That Would Not Die' is our latest piece, a 28 min. zombie puppet musical series pilot. 

We are beginning the process of fundraising for the second episode. If you would like to support the project or learn more, please contact us at:
thehumanbeastbox [at]

NEWS! We had an amazing, sold-out world premier at George R.R. Martin's own Jean Cocteau Cinema in downtown Santa Fe. The show was HELD OVER after the raucous and fabulous turnout for the show. Then we had ANOTHER sold out show, so we were HELD OVER a SECOND TIME!! You wanted to come, but you didn't now is your chance!  Come join us on JULY 25 at 7PM to see the spectacle in person!!!

And hot of the press!!! Photos from the premier! Look right below -

Last update: June 2nd, 2016