WHAT WILL MY contribution do?

Your contribution goes directly toward the production of episodes of puppet musical madness: materials, studio, distribution, and, or course, socks. All the bare essentials.
You are supporting an ambitious and incredibly fun project that will long be remembered as a turning point in the history of DIY low-budget puppet rock cult filmmaking.

Why do you need my support?

This is not your paren't’s pasteurized, pre-packaged puppetry. It relies on audiences for support. Our episodes are zero-budget grassroots creations built on commitment to quality, generous supporters, and the sheer joy of collaboration. All the materials and time are donated, borrowed, loaned or 'found'...

We want share this with as wide an audience as possible, which requires resources to market and promote. We need your help to buy fake blood and tiny wigs, set up dangerous electronics and hire unemployed physicists to join in the effort. It also helps keep artists off the streets. A win-win.

What is this show all about?

'The Love That Would Not Die' is a zombie puppet musical series, with two episodes now completed.
It’s roots are found in punk culture, cult and genre film, German expressionism, radical puppetry and more.

The ‘story’ follows a delusional, alcoholic apocalypse survivor/creator (Stan), his sock puppet dog (Dog) and a time-traveling Kid as they journey in an inter-dimensional airstream trailer from one apocalyptic Earth future to the next. Each episode involves a new kind of apocalypse - our next episode is one in which the world has been taken over by cosmetics companies- as well as a new puppet technique (world of marionettes, world of underwater puppets, etc). Each episode also features a musical guest (Space Lady, Jessie DeLuxe, etc.)



We welcome every kind of contribution, large or small!
If you'd like to support the project with an 'in kind' style donation such as equipment, materials, expertise, fake blood,
or just some kind words, please contact us at -