The Human Beast Box was founded by Devon Ludlow as a vehicle for anarchic performance and dangerous creative impulses.

We are a loose-knit group among whom you may find the following fine folks-

Devon Hawkes Ludlow
Brandee Caoba - Production Designer, Puppeteer
Patrick Boyles - Set Builder, Art Direction
Bob Brady - Poster Design
Hannah Elise - Set and Prop Builder, Zine Designer
Granville Greene - Producer, Puppeteer
Eva Ghazi - Costumers
Sabrina Griffith - Puppet Builder, Puppeteer, Gore Mistress
Damon Griffith
- Puppet builder, Puppeteer
Kabby Kabakoff - Sound Engineer
Susie Perkins - Generallly Great Person
Susan Young - Editor
Keith Ryan-Riggs - DP

Andy Kirkpatrick - Vocals - Neon Monster
Jessie Deluxe - Vocals - Lydia

We are based in Santa Fe, NM.

SPECIAL THANKS to Matthew Koroghlian for the logo design.  You can find a link to his work on our Friends page.